Kirk Strum, JD, PhD, California Cadet Corps

“Leona Rajaee, Erica Evans, and Francesca Ricapito did a GREAT job providing services to the California Cadet Corps during winter quarter.

This quarter they stepped way out of their comfort zone and helped the CACC with an important part of its strategic public relations campaign: surveying the 6,500 cadets (stakeholders).


Drafting the survey was no easy task given the unique culture, words and phrases, and lack of organizational history with strategic research. In addition to learning about surveys, they had to learn about organizational communications, theory, and strategy.

I do not have time to expand on the hundreds of details these three managed throughout the quarter including,  but by way of macro topics they:

  • learned about the client quickly and accurately
  • meet with client to understand management/leadership goals
  • learned about the organization as a whole
  • drafted a 40 question survey including
    • demographic
    • Likert
    • Importance & Satisfaction
    • 3 open ended questions
  • coded the questions into Survey Monkey
  • created drop-down choices that are relevant to the client, and,
  • made a final presentation to the executive committee of the CACC for final approval
  • worked together as a team flawlessly

In short, Leona, Erica, and Francesca exceed the client’s expectations about the project as a whole and the quality of their work, in particular.