Central Coast PRspectives is an on-campus, student-managed public relations firm founded in 2005 by students in the Journalism Department at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

It’s not a typical class schedule, but a work schedule.

Students in CCPR meet twice weekly for classroom instruction. What takes place during this class time varies from day to day. Some days the professor will lecture about topics relevant to public relations, such as how to construct a PR plan. Other days are set aside for discussions and team presentations about project progress, feedback meetings and exams.

Outside of CCPR meetings, students schedule at least four hours per week to work on public relations tasks for clients. These hours are called “office hours.”

CCPR students work as teams.

Student account executives working in the firm are randomly assigned a partner to complete public relations task for their chosen client.

We end each quarter with the future in mind.

Each academic quarter ends with a formal, professional presentation to showcase what each team has achieved for their clients. Clients will be invited to attend the final presentations.

Each team will review the initial PR plan and provide an overview of what was accomplished, what is left to be done, what worked, what didn’t work, and why.


CCPR provides students with the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on public relations experience in a supportive educational environment. At the same time, the firm serves the university and the surrounding community by providing high-quality public relations services to small businesses and non-profit clients.

About Jackie Steele, CCPR Firm Manager

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-1-45-14-pmHi, I’m Jackie Steele! As I embark upon my final year at Cal Poly, I couldn’t imagine a better way to close out my time here than to lead CCPR as firm manager. I’ve learned firsthand at Cal Poly that “Learn by doing” really is more than a motto. Studying PR has emboldened me to pursue authentic connections with others and step outside of my comfort zone to always be asking questions and seeking truth.
I’m really looking forward to leading CCPR forward as a firm by increasing awareness throughout our campus and community, as well as growing our presence and credibility online. I hope to learn more about being the best leader that I can and how to work most productively with my fellow students!
Outside of school, I love reading, hanging out at Scout Coffee and obsessing about Harry Potter.


About Dr. Eller

Dan Eller 11

The agency as a whole is overseen by Dr. Dan Eller, who is an accredited public relations professional [APR] and an associate professor of Journalism at Cal Poly. Dr. Eller has 25 years of public relations experience with the State of California Parks and Recreations Department. He received his Doctorate of Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2010. Dr. Eller works closely with students of Central Coast PRspectives as they plan and execute each client project.