Communication Strategies in Civil War – Offensive ISIS Militants Flee to Syria

By Heather Fissel and Jaime Creager

Here are some takeaways from this CNN article, which reports that hundreds of ISIS fighters are fleeing Mosul in Iraq and crossing into neighboring Syria.

  • To help the refugees, the UN has set up five camps outside of Mosul. All are equipped to house 45,000 people. It’s important for people to be aware of these camps even though the UN’s plan it to keep their locations secret from possible terror threats, but still let innocent people know they exist.
  • Twitter is a good way to report transparency because for the most part, people are reporting on what is happening in real time. Since people can control the conversation on Twitter, reports of what is happening will be unbiased, compared to a news source that may have reason to skew the truth.
  • A sulfur factory was set on fire by ISIS militants 30 kilometers south of Mosul. As a result, plumes of toxic smoke are polluting the air. The toxic air is effecting Camp Swift and Qayyarah West Airfield, both US controlled, which have been advised to wear gas masks.  Publicity is important when these types of events occur. It ensures that constituents will be knowledgeable, especially in times of crisis – regardless if it’s an act of terrorism or online attention for a college Graphic Communication department.  
  • In terms of the Graphic Communication Department, we are looking to broaden the reach. Newspapers published in the Middle East are one of the public’s only source for news, so it reminded us to broaden our spread and still include print media. In dire situations like that of the sulfur factory fire, reaching constituents is very important for safety, no matter what the platform is.

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