3 Ways a Sound PR Strategy Can Help Win Your Organization Funding

By Marshall Zia and Demitria Castanon

In a world with a myriad of fields and professions, most, if not all, have one same disyllabic word in common: funding.

Last month, San Francisco State University’s STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics program) failed to secure federal grant money given to eligible HSI’s (Hispanic Serving Institutions).


photo by Wiki user Webbi1987

Failure to attain funding is disappointing for any organization or function. However difficult the situation, a good PR strategy can facilitate and even expedite grant applications.

Here are 3 ways a sound PR strategy can help you win funding for your organization/function.

  1. Garner Awareness

One way a sound PR strategy can help you win funding is by garnering awareness. Awareness is important as it allows you to gain the attention of your target audiences and publics. This is key as it grants you visibility over your competitors. If placed in the correct communication channels, your organization’s cause/projects/etc. will drastically improve your reputation, giving you more clout.

For example, SFSU’s STEM program could pitch their research or movements towards ethnic inclusivity through specific media channels such as research journals and diversity inclined publications. This allows them to gain awareness within their publics and target audiences, and potentially gives them a leg up for their next grant application.

  1. Builds Credibility

A second way a great PR strategy can help you win funding is by building your organization’s credibility. Credibility is important as if what you have to say seems credible, people will be more responsive to you in the present AND in the future.

SFSU’s STEM program could increase their credibility to the committee handling the HSI-STEM grant by promoting their projects and causes in specifically chosen channels. If SFSU’s program seems more credible, it gives them a leg up over other applicants during the committee’s decision making.

  1. Helps Shape Brand Image

A third way great PR strategy can help you win funding is by helping you shape your brand image. Having a definite brand image allows your audience to know what you do and what you stand for. This can be important when trying to attain funding, as if the committee cannot identify what you stand for within a sea of applicants, there is a low chance that you will be recognized as a recipient for the grant.

One way to develop a consistent brand image is by making sure everything you publish, or everything published about you has a constant theme or message. This is something SFSU’s STEM program should keep in mind and try to strive for in the future.


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