The importance of PR in spreading hunger awareness

The Fall Food Drive focuses on one major theme and that is helping to lower the amount of hungry in San Luis Obispo County. Every year, the men’s basketball team partners with the SLO Food Bank to give the community an opportunity to give back. According to the SLO Food Bank, “over 46,000 San Luis Obispo county residents are food insecure which means 1 in 6 people face hunger.” Many people may not realize that hunger is still a relevant problem today in the United States.


ABC News recently published an article regarding a small town in Iowa that is facing a major hunger struggle. The article mentions that although national poverty rates are decreasing, that does mean that thousands of children and families are still going to bed hungry at night. Parents in Storm Lake, Iowa, struggle to feed their children and have to turn to turn to their community for help. People in the community are doing what they can to help by donating essentials such as bread and eggs. Not only is there a local charity pantry but community members are also setting up their own curbside pantries in order to help donate.

Just like Storm Lake, San Luis Obispo has opportunities for people in its community to help give back and feed the hungry. Our community can simply donate the cans in their pantry or money to the SLO Food Bank or to the cans located in Mott Gym on Cal Poly’s campus. When one person donates, this has the power to cause a chain reaction and change the lives of hundreds of people.

Cal Poly Men’s Basketball helps spread hunger awareness throughout the community by attending downtown farmer’s markets and letting people know how they can donate. Through public relations and marketing efforts, Coach Callero wants to make sure that the message is put out there and that people realize they can easily be a helping hand in this cause. Whether you’re from a small town in Iowa or beautiful San Luis Obispo, you have the power to make sure a child does not go to bed hungry.


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